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"I just started CrossFit, and I am so happy that I did. I had been going to the gym for years, but never quite understood if I was doing things correctly, or if I worked out enough. 5280 CrossFit is like having a gym, a motivational coach and a personal trainer all in one. Every time I leave their gym I know that I've accomplished something amazing. In the short time that I've been there, I already notice that my endurance has grown, the pounds have come off, and I am getting stronger. The staff at 5280 CrossFit continuously pushes my potential, but also coaches me through each routine so that I am doing it correctly. Working out with other people who all have a similar goal makes the work out fun, and also pushes you to do your best.
Now that I have experienced the knowledge, the people, and the facility that 5280 CrossFit has to offer, the gym is now a distant memory."

− Nick W

"If you are looking for a CrossFit gym that gives you the absolute most for your money, this is the one. This is one of the nicest, most well outfitted CrossFit gyms out there. A brand new build out to go with brand new equipment along with owners with a great attitude and desire to do things the right way make this gym what it is. The Wodify system in place is great, the tall ceilings allow for good rope climbs and the word on the street is there will be showers coming soon. The owners put a lot of time and effort into this gym and are continually upgrading the facilities. One of the owners is a hard charging owner/coach that creates programming that will push you to your max, and then some, while emphasizing the importance of proper movements and fundamentals. I wouldn't consider another location after seeing this one and experiencing it for myself. Do yourself a favor and get in with them now to have a CrossFit experience the way it is meant to be."

− Nate B

"I've been on the CrossFit kick for over 3 years, I've dropped in at a lot of boxes around the country when I travel for work - 5280 CrossFit is up there with the best of them. Nice, clean, new facilities, everything you need to get your pain on. Owner/Coach Jason Grubb is a great coach, he pays close attention to your form all while pushing you to reach your maximum potential. He understands the importance of form, I've also seen him work well with people new to CrossFit that need to learn the fundamentals and need to scale work outs to be safe, yet still get maximum effort."

− Jeff M

"This CrossFit "box" just opened and it is great! The facility is amazing and Jason is a coach I can trust. He knows what he is doing and he cares about each and every member. He pushes me to be my best but knows my limitations and designs a workout that helps me discover what I CAN do.....not what I cannot do! I recommend everyone give this place a try and you will find a sense of community, constant encouragement, and success beyond what you might imagine!"

− Charlene B

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Constantly Varied

Every workout is different.


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How we move in real life.


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Heart rate goes North!


The Sport of Fitness

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“High intensity exercise yields results that differ in kind from moderate-intensity efforts, not just in degree (but in physical results). In a peer-reviewed study in which one group exercised at moderate intensity for 45 minutes on a stationary bike and the other group did high-intensity intervals for 20 minutes and burned the same number of calories, the high-intensity group lost nine times the fat. Human growth hormone (HGH) and other compounds cascade into the blood of people who sprint as though a monster is chasing them and lift heavy objects as if earthquake survivors are trapped underneath. These hormones signal the body to burn fat and build muscle. The grim trudge-to-nowhere on a cardio machine, or miles of brisk walking, does not unlock this chemical cascade.”

-J.C. Herz | Time Magazine

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