Be Safe.
Grow Strong!

Scaled for your level of fitness.


Be Safe.
Grow Strong!

Regardless of your age or fitness level.


Be Safe.
Grow Strong!

We love health, adventure, and community.


Be Safe.
Grow Strong!

Enjoy the best hour of your day.


CrossFit in Golden

We Believe…
Health and Fitness are for Everyone!


Everyone deserves to feel the powerful rush of victory // challenge // competition // triumph regardless of age, background, or fitness level.


Whether it’s gathering around a pull-up rig, a campfire, or a table at your favorite brewery, we value the greatness of community.


The Colorado outdoors were made to live // play // explore // enjoy and fully participate in.



Good technique and mechanics are the foundations for safety and intensity in a workout.

Functional Fitness

Functional fitness through CrossFit is the best way to be ready for all that Colorado has to offer!


The humanely and responsibly raised ingredients at Chipotle are savored with every bite. #ChipotleAddicts

I CrossFit at 5280 Because…
(shared by current 5280 members)

  • “Really want to tone up! I am a busy working mom that wants to look and feel good!”
  • “As a former athlete, I want to feel like I used to feel. It’s been 20 years of on and off attempts. I am 40-50lbs overweight now, so that needs to come off.”
  • “I want to change my lifestyle. I want to be healthy again. I had surgery and never got back to where I was before it. I don’t want to just lose weight for a few months. I want to change my body for good while losing weight and gaining strength.”
  • “Lose weight, build bone density, get healthy, strong.
  • After three babies in five years I just want to get my body back! I need to lose weight and get back into shape. I want to feel good, have more energy and keep up with my kids. I want to set a good example to them of a healthy lifestyle.”
  • “I want to lose weight, I want to get my energy back and be able to keep up with my boys. I want to be healthy again. I went through some life changing situations the last few years and put myself on hold.”
  • ”Going to the gym unstructured or not pushing myself… and then putzing around doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that has not worked for me.”
  • “I’ve always wanted to be able to push-ups (not on my knees). Get my lungs in better shape. I don’t want my physical fitness to hinder me ability to do active things that I want and love.”

Why 5280 CrossFit?
We’re Creating a Healthier Community in Golden, Colorado

5280 CrossFit provides an incredibly safe and welcoming fitness environment with a passion for helping people of all backgrounds and abilities improve their quality of life. The 5280 community is supportive and full of camaraderie as each individual strives to become the best version of themselves. Whether you are wanting to lose weight, be healthier, recover from a previous injury, become more mobile, actively participate in sports, play with your kids, mix things up as a seasoned athlete; 5280 CrossFit aspires to help you achieve your unique goals.

We offer personal training and CrossFit classes throughout the day as well as nutrition consulting. Workouts are constantly varied, using functional movements, and performed with an intensity tailored for each individual.

Prep Classes
Prep Courses start every Monday

The Prep Course is designed to set you up for success prior to entering group CrossFit classes. The movements commonly performed in CrossFit take some time and practice in the beginning. Learning how to execute them with proper form and safe technique will provide a solid and safe foundation. You will learn what CrossFit is and why it is the best methodology for overall health and fitness. The group size is limited which allows for a more personal and dedicated environment. Come prepared to sweat a little; you will be enjoying a workout in every class.

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Coming to this gym was one of the best decisions I've ever made. All of the coaches are so incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and welcoming. I've honestly never been a part of something so challenging, yet so enjoyable. I leave with a smile on my face every single time!

Sydney Y.

I was a member at another CrossFit gym but found 5280 to be a better match for me. The camaraderie of the members, the knowledge of the coaches, the professionalism (and friendliness) of the coaches are just a few reasons why I made the switch. I couldn't be more pleased with my decision.

Heather M.

5280 CrossFit makes me feel stronger and healthier every day. The coaches are amazing and passionate. They scale the workout to fit your abilities. They make it challenging but fun. I would highly recommend 5280 CrossFit for anyone who wants to unlock their true potential!

Cindy T.

The only thing better than the members are the coaches. Everybody encourages each other to do better than yesterday and the coaches take the time to get to know your limits and your strengths. It doesn't matter if you are just starting your journey to be healthy or if you are already aiming to be a top competitor, 5280 CrossFit will get behind you to keep you on track to whatever goals you have.

Donnie B.

I have tried many other gyms and have never found such a cool community as this one. The environment is encouraging and the trainers are awesome. In addition, the workouts are amazing and challenging, yet cater to everyone specifically. It makes you want to keep coming back!

Caitlin D.

5280 CrossFit has changed what "going to the gym" means to me. The coaches are amazing, and they always strive for safety and excellence. I have never enjoyed working out more. I know, when I finish the workout, I am going to leave feeling challenged and accomplished. It is a great CrossFit gym, and I would highly recommend it to anyone on any fitness level!

Alyssa V.

Located in Golden at Highway 93 & Hog Back



Every workout is different.



How we move in real life.



Heart rate goes North.


A Healthier

Become the best version of yourself.