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2017 is Your Year

Finally achieve the healthy life you’ve always wanted. Learn how to track your workouts, develop better habits, and reach your goals with the help of our expert coaching staff. No experience required.
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More than Just a Gym

We know that fitness is more than just weights and cardio. Discover the difference of belonging to a strong, loyal community where everyone is just as invested in your goals as you are.
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Meet Jason Grubb: Father, Husband, Owner 5280 CrossFit

I founded 5280 CrossFit after turning my own health around with CrossFit in my late 30’s. Now I get to help others achieve their own health and fitness dreams. Whether you have your sights set on The CrossFit Games, or just want to stay active with your kids (or both, like me!), I can’t wait to help!

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Whatever your goals, we have you covered.

Get or Stay Fit

Get or Stay Fit

Get or Stay Fit

Lose Weight

Get or Stay Fit


Get or Stay Fit


Personal Training

Enjoy semi-private or private personal training sessions with one of our expert coaches. Personal training provides the ultimate customized experienced based on your schedule and goals. 

Group Classes

Experience the supportive nature of group classes offered 7 days a week. For people of all ages and fitness levels, these hour-long classes will leave you feeling satisfied and challenged every time.

Nutrition Coaching

The foundation for a healthy lifestyle starts with nutrition. Our nutrition coaching program also provides personal accountability and a customized road map for your unique goals.

Why 5280 CrossFit?

This Is Not Your Typical Gym

Do you hate working out? Then you’ve never worked out with us! Getting started can feel like a big step, but we promise that our tailored programming, experienced coaching, and sense of humor will change your opinion about working out forever!

Living our Passion

We love introducing absolute beginners to fitness just as much as we enjoy creating new challenges for our most experienced members. Your health is our passion and our mission is to make fitness and health a fun, collaborative experience.

What Are People Saying about 5280 CrossFit?


My husband and I started going to 5280 in May and over the past 6 month, this place has changed our lives! We are in the best shape we’ve been in for a long time! We owe everything to the coaches for making working out fun (and safe – there is so much focus on good form) and the members for being awesome and encouraging. Love this place!

Kelly D.

5280 Crossfit has become a community for myself and my husband. I have never wanted to “go work out” before, but I find myself looking forward to my workouts. The coaches, members, and the relaxed atmosphere keep me coming back for more. I have never stuck with a gym or workout routine more than a couple months until I started here!

Jessica K.

The amazing coaches at 5280 Crossfit foster a warm and welcoming environment. The sense of community that develops over time is motivating as we cheer each other on in our milestones of fitness. I am proud of my accomplishments and am hungry for MORE!!! I would recommend 5280 Crossfit to anyone looking for a healthier happier life.

Brandon P.

From the minute I started at this gym I felt welcomed. All of the coaches are so friendly, knowledgeable and truly there to help. The community is kind and caring and supportive. The gym itself is super nice and clean inside! I love being a member at 5280 CrossFit. Highly recommend this place for ALL skill levels! Jenna C.

5280 Crossfit has changed my life – it is not just about lifting weights or losing weight, it is about being healthy and physically able to REALLY live life. I drive past a dozen other gyms to get to 5280 because the coaches are fantastic and the amazing group of people who work out here are super supportive. It’s motivating. It’s fun. Try it! Lori G.

5280 CrossFit has turned working out from something I felt like I “should” do to something I look forward to literally every day. Why?

As a runner, I found a welcoming atmosphere to those without a strength training background, and outstanding coaches who consistently give you encouragement and actionable feedback on your technique. More importantly, they emphasize doing things the right way, safely.

Joe S.

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Schedule a New Client Consultation.

A New Client Consultation is a private, free meeting with one of our coaches. This is your chance to tour the gym, and our chance to hear about your hopes, fears, and dreams... or at least your fitness goals. 

This is a chance discover how we can help you achieve your goals.

Learn More About 5280 CrossFit

5280 CrossFit Coaches

Meet the Coaches

5280 CrossFit is proud to have an elite coaching team of highly educated, passionate fitness and nutrition experts. Our coaches prioritize safety and proper technique, and are dedicated to making your workout the best hour of your day!

With decades of combined experience, our coaches are here to help you stay on track through every high and low on your fitness journey, and help you make the changes necessary to live a full, healthy life.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Myths About Exercise

I have an injury, so I can’t workout.

Strength training will make me bulky

I’m not fit enough to start group classes.

I don’t have time to workout.

Exercise is just for young people.

Do I Need To Be In Shape First?

Absolutely not. The best way to move towards your goals is to take the first step! 

Can I create a custom package?

Yes. There are many paths to success at 5280 CrossFit. From personal training, to group classes, to hybrid memberships, and nutrition coaching. We’ll help you map your path to reach your goals.


Nutrition Program

Our Nutrition Program is designed to provide individuals with an easy, science-based approach to nutrition and wellness. Imagine the confidence you could have walking into the grocery store or a restaurant knowing exactly what you should eat to feel and look great!

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