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We are passionate about introducing absolute beginners to fitness as much as we enjoy challenging our most athletic members to achieve new heights. If you think you’re one of those people who hates to work out, doesn’t think group classes would be fun, is nervous about barbells, or is simply worried about what others will think … we lovingly submit you probably just hate typical gyms. That’s cool. We hate gyms, too. That’s why we train at 5280 CrossFit (wink!). Don’t take our word for it. Check out the Google reviews from our community.


5280 Crossfit has changed my life - it is not just about lifting weights or losing weight, it is about being healthy and physically able to REALLY live life. I drive past a dozen other gyms to get to 5280 because the coaches are fantastic and the amazing group of people who work out here are super supportive. It's motivating. It's fun. Try it!


My husband and I started going to 5280 in May of 2016. This place has changed our lives! We are in the best shape we've been in for a long time! We owe everything to the coaches for making working out fun (and safe - there is so much focus on good form) and the members for being awesome and encouraging. Love this place!


Jason and his crew have turned working out from something I felt like I "should" do to something I look forward to literally every day. Why? As a runner, I found a welcoming atmosphere to those without a strength training background, and outstanding coaches who consistently give you encouragement and actionable feedback on your technique. More importantly, they emphasize doing things the right way, safely. All you have to do is show up. Jason sets up well designed programming that is constantly evolving and consistently challenging. It's awesome to not have to have to always be thinking about "what's next" in your workout program.


I was a member at another CrossFit gym but found 5280 to be a better match for me. The camaraderie of the members, the knowledge of the coaches, the professionalism (and friendliness) of the owners are just a few reasons why I made the switch. I couldn't be more pleased with my decision.


The only thing better than the members are the coaches. Everybody pushes each other to do better than yesterday and the coaches take the time to get to know your limits and your strengths. It doesn't matter if you are just starting your journey to be healthy or if you are already aiming to be a top competitor, Jason and the rest of the coaches will get behind you to keep you on track to whatever goals you have.


From the minute I started at this gym I felt welcomed. All of the coaches are so friendly, knowledgeable and truly there to help. The community is kind and caring and supportive. The gym itself is super nice and clean inside! I love being a member at 5280. Highly recommend this place for ALL skill levels!


This is my first experience with Crossfit and the gym and coaches are top notch. Everyone is super friendly and they make you feel so welcome and comfortable. I joined about 4 months ago and it has been the best decision.


5280 Crossfit has become a community for myself and my husband. I have never wanted to "go work out" before, but I find myself missing the gym and looking forward to my workouts. The coaches, members, as well as the relaxed atmosphere keep me coming back for more. Not to mention the great results I am having with muscle development and the over-all healthy body I am gaining. I have never stuck with a gym or workout routine more than a couple months until I started 5280 Crossfit, there is something to be said about that... 8 months later and I am ready for more!

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Our training team includes some of the best-educated and most passionate fitness and nutrition coaches around.

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CrossFit | Proven Effectiveness

CrossFit combines the best and most effective elements of conditioning, body weight movements and weightlifting to create an easily tailored fitness experience for people of all ages and fitness levels.

CrossFit uses all the movements you would need to do in life and incorporates them into training. Think of moving from sitting to standing up, picking up something from the ground, or putting luggage in an overhead compartment. Those movements (and many others) are then combined into varying combinations to form high-intensity workouts. These workouts are quick, very effective and never boring.


Nutrition | A Solid Foundation

Nutrition lays the foundation for health, fitness and longevity.

Finely tuned, a good diet will increase energy, sense of well-being and acumen, while simultaneously reducing fat and increasing muscle. When properly composed, the right diet can move every important quantifiable marker for health in the right direction. Diet is critical to optimizing human function, and 5280 CrossFit will help you implement a diet that works for you and your life.

Community | The Key Ingredient

“The magic is in the movement, the art is in the programming, the science is in the explanation, and the fun is in the community.”
– Greg Glassman, Founder of CrossFit

Community reminds us all that we are all on a similar journey towards health, fitness and longevity. People from diverse backgrounds and fitness levels workout together, celebrate together, and sweat together. The community you find at 5280 CrossFit will welcome, motivate, and inspire you. Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel, communities are contagious!


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Achieving your goals doesn’t happen by accident. Planning and reserving class times for the week (or weeks in advance) and tracking your progress will help you stay on course for the long haul!

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