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Getting Ready for a CrossFit Competition


Getting Ready for a CrossFit Competition

With plenty of CrossFit competitions on the horizon, we wanted to provide some tips to help you navigate the day of a competition.

What to Bring

  • Appropriate clothes and shoes: Grab your favorite Nanos and don’t forget your lifters if you use them. It’s not a bad idea to bring an extra pair of clothes and shoes just in case it is a sweaty day. Bring some layers so your body temperature does not drop too much after your workouts. Sometimes the turn around is fast and you want to keep those muscles warm.
  • Accessory equipment: Jump rope (even if you don’t use it in the WODS – they’re great for warming up), wrist wraps, knee sleeves, weightlifting belt, etc.

Upcoming Events at 5280 CrossFit


Mark you calendars!  We’ve got some fun events planned for the upcoming months . . .

  • Hero WOD Fridays – Starts Friday April 21st
    • Enjoy a Hero WOD for the 5:30 pm class every other Friday.
    • Hang out and commiserate with a beer/drink with your fellow athletes (BYOB).
  • Festivus Competition – Saturday April 22nd
    • CrossFit Profectus in Broomfield (555 Alter St. #14, Broomfield, Colorado).
    • Heats start at 9 am and go pretty much all day. We have athletes in each heat.  Come cheer and represent 5280 CrossFit!
  • Patrick’s Going Away WOD – Friday April 28th at 5:30 pm
    • Patrick Callahan is moving on!

5280 CrossFit Hoodie | Accepting Pre-Orders


Need a sweet new hoodie?

You’ll want to live in this cozy sweatshirt!

Introducing the 5280 CrossFit | Bella & Canvas Poly-Cotton Fleece Pullover Hoodie

This pullover hoodie is markedly soft, unisex with a loose fit that is versatile and lends itself to daily wear. Spun from a plush fabric that is made up of cotton and polyester fibers, this hoodie features an up-to-date fit, hood with white drawcords, kangaroo pocket, ribbed cuffs and waistband.

Pre-Orders start today!! Order before April 30th! Click this link to pre-order.


Wrist Mobility

Tips for Improved Wrist Mobility for CrossFit

We all could use more mobility! Get ready for regular tips and tools to improve your flexibility and mobility! Today, we start with your wrists!

Working through a set of these exercises at home or before/after class can dramatically decrease any soreness you experience in your wrists.

View the video above to learn these 4 mobility exercises for your wrists.

1. Reverse Elbow Rotation

  • With one hand on ground, palm up, fingers pointed back, other hand holds it down.
  • Rotate elbow pit forward-hold for a few seconds, release, repeat 5-10x .
  • Shoulder should stay down and back.

April is all about Fitness


I’ve been getting a lot of questions in the gym about what we are going to be focusing on in April. In January we focused on shoulder strength. In February and March we were up to our traps in The 2017 Open.

April is all about Fitness . . .

The Open is amazing for a couple of different reasons.  It brings the CrossFit community together. I’ve never been more in love with the 5280 CrossFit family (appropriately named “Box of Friends” by one of our members) than during The Open this year. Seeing a group of friends come together to willingly participate in some of the hardest workouts we do and do them with smiles, laughs and high-fives is what we live for as coaches. Read more...

Coach Spotlight | Deidre Helton

Coach Spotlight

deidre-5280-crossfit-coachHow old are you?


When did you begin doing CrossFit? How long have you been with 5280 CrossFit?

I’ve been doing CrossFit for 5 years now, coaching for 4 years and I’ve been at 5280 for a few weeks now!

Why do you CrossFit?

When I started CrossFit, I was going through Yoga Instructor training and couldn’t do a proper push up. I went to a class with my mentor and fell in love with the training style. For me, CrossFit has always been a way to stay healthy through functional movement first and foremost. When I held a corporate position, my one hour of CrossFit was my one hour to unwind and shut my brain off in order to decompress. Read more...

CrossFit Kids & Teens Starts March 20th!


5280 CrossFit Kids & Teens

Starting March 20th!

CrossFit for Kids and Teens has arrived at 5280 CrossFit. Coach Erin has worked with children and teens for years and completed the CrossFit Kids Certification course a couple of months ago. She’s super excited to help kids and teens in the Golden area develop a healthy lifestyle!!

CrossFit Kids & Teens at 5280 CrossFit is a method for teaching CrossFit to 7-18 year olds.

Based on the principles of mechanics, consistency and then intensity, CrossFit Kids & Teens emphasizes good movement throughout childhood and adolescence. Consistently good mechanics translates to physical literacyenhanced sports performance and fewer sports injuries. Read more...

Yoga at 5280 CrossFit


Yoga is coming to 5280 CrossFit!

Starting March 5th, we will offer a yoga class every Sunday at 9 am.  Classes will be $10 each.  You can reserve a spot and pay here: http://www.5280-crossfit.com/yoga/ (or using your 5280 CF app).  Please bring your own yoga mat and any other props you might want (block, strap, etc.).



Classes will be taught by Callie Moore.  Callie started practicing yoga in 2002 in Austin, TX. Her connection to mind, body and health through the practice inspired her to start her journey as a teacher. She completed her first 200-hour teacher training in 2008 in Boulder, CO to deepen her practice. Read more...

Personal Training at 5280 CrossFit


1:1 Coaching is available at 5280 CrossFit

Over the past few weeks (and the coming weeks) we, the coaches, have been meeting with each of our members to review their short and long term goals. These meetings have helped create a sense of direction for each person with concrete steps to achieve each goal. For many, reaching a specific goal may be accelerated by booking a few one-on-one personal training sessions with a coach.

We have a very talented and experienced team of coaches who are available for 1:1 training sessions. Coaches can be booked for any type of training including individually customized workout sessions, skill development (i.e. Read more...

Friday Night Lights (CrossFit Open) Starts this week!


Friday Night Lights is Here!

We made it! The CrossFit Open and Friday Nights Lights is here.  As we have explained in class, this is the start to the competitive season for CrossFitters all over the world.  More importantly this is a time for the 5280 CrossFit community to get together, workout and celebrate all the fitness we have earned!

The Workouts

  • For the next 5 weeks, workouts will be announced at 6 pm on Thursday night via games.crossfit.com. All the classes on Friday will be doing The Open workout in class.
  • All workouts will have a scaled version!  

Body Composition Testing – February 10th and 11th

Body composition testing at 5280 CrossFit!

Mobile Body Metrics (http://mobilebodymetrics.com/) will be at the gym on February 10th and February  11th to complete body composition testing for all our members.  We will arrange for the “Bod Pod” to come back out the gym in 3 months so this is great opportunity to measure your progress!  Here are the details:

When:  Friday February 10th from 3 pm – 6 pm and Saturday February 11th from 7 am – 11 am

Cost:  $45 for the initial test, $40 for follow up testing

Reservations:  Use the following link to make your reservation.   Read more...

Member Spotlight | Betsy B.

Member Spotlight
Betsy B.

CrossFit Member!

How old are you?


When did you begin doing CrossFit? How long have you been with 5280 CrossFit?

Jan 1, 2016

Why do you CrossFit?

I Crossfit so I have the strength, endurance and fitness to do all the fun activities I want to do. Some years I hike a fourteener and some years I don’t but I want the option of being able to make the hike or not. I have done week long bike tours in the past and I want the option to continue doing them if I want. I have done 6 marathons and, with CrossFit, could probably do another one… if I wanted to. Read more...

The Open and Friday Nights Lights


The 2017 CrossFit Open is here at 5280 CrossFit!

The Open is a 5 week, 5 workout online competition that unites CrossFitters from all over the world. Whether you have been crossfitting for 2 weeks or 5 years, everyone can participate.  Not only is it a great challenge but’s a fun way to socialize and workout with the rest of the 5280 CrossFit community.

Here’s how it works . . .

Starting February 23rd, workouts are released every Thursday by CrossFit Inc. You have until the following Monday to complete the workout (at 5280 CrossFit) and submit your score online.   Read more...

Goal Setting at 5280 CrossFit

Set your Fitness and Health Goals at 5280 CrossFit

What are your goals?

Whether you’ve written them down, shared them with a friend or made a mental note . . .  you’ve probably thought about a few goals you’d like to accomplish as a member of 5280 CrossFit.  It could be to get a pull-up, lose 10 pounds, climb a 14er, or PR your back squat. Read more...

Twelve Days of Christmas Workout on Christmas Eve


The 5280 CrossFit Christmas Eve WOD!

We’re excited to present this years Twelve Days of Christmas WOD for Saturday Morning! Classes will be at 8:00 and 9:00. Reserve your spot and come enjoy this epic workout!!! If you’d like to dress up in the holiday spirit, please feel free!!

Beyond Rx

1 Power Clean and Jerk (185/135lbs)
2 Bar Muscle Ups
3 Front Squat
4 Toes to Bar
5 Ring Dips
6 Box Jump (24/20)
7 Pullups
8 Deadlifts
9 KB Swings (24/16kg)
10 Situps
11 Burpees
12 Overhead Lunges


1 Power Clean and Jerk (155/115lbs)
2 Bar Muscle Ups
3 Front Squat
4 Toes to Bar
5 Ring Dips
6 Box Jump (24/20)
7 Pullups
8 Deadlifts
9 KB Swings (24/16kg)
10 Situps
11 Burpees
12 Overhead Lunges


1 Power Clean and Jerk
2 False Grip Ring Row
3 Front Squat
4 Lying Leg to Pole
5 Pushups
6 Step Ups
7 Jumping Pullups
8 Deadlifts
9 KB Swings
10 Situps
11 Burpees
12 Walking Lunges

Workout at home on Christmas Day (or the day after Christmas!)

Remember, the gym is closed on Christmas Day and December 26th. Read more...

CrossFit Movements


Looking for a demonstration of the most common movements performed in CrossFit?

“CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. All CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements, and these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. These are the core movements of life. They move the largest loads the longest distances, so they are ideal for maximizing the amount of work done in the shortest time. Intensity is essential for results and is measurable as work divided by time—or power. The more work you do in less time, or the higher the power output, the more intense the effort. Read more...

5280 CrossFit Holiday Party 2016


The 5280 CrossFit Holiday Party 2016!

If you were able to attend the 2016 Holiday Party at 5280 CrossFit, you enjoyed the most fun party we’ve thrown since the gym opened. Clear your calendar for December 2017, you won’t want to miss this party next year! Not only was the party catered by the amazing Chef Pippa Taylor, the coaches presented the first annual Thumbs Ups Awards to each member in attendance.

The Thumbs Up Awards were a fun way to recognize something unique about each individual member. Here are just a few examples of the wards given:

Thumbs Up Award for “The 2016 Power Couple” went to Annie and Jake (obviously). Read more...

Coach Spotlight | Erin Murphy

Coach Spotlight


How old are you?


When did you begin doing CrossFit? How long have you been with 5280 CrossFit?

I started CrossFit about 3 years ago and just started my venture with 5280 CrossFit!

Why do you CrossFit?

I CrossFit for my health, for fun and for the love of trying to make myself better each day.

Are you married, single, in a relationship? Do you have any children (“furry” children included)?

I’m a single lady, no furry or non furry kids!

What’s your favorite thing about living in Colorado?

Having lived in Colorado before and moving away it is great to be back for the simple, natural beauties and for the endless outdoor activities. Read more...

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