Personal Training

Semi Private or Private Training Sessions Tailored Specifically For You and Your Goals.

1:1 Private Coaching

Our pursuit of optimal fitness is delivered through semi-private or private personal training sessions, group classes, or a combination of both. To speak with a coach about which is best for YOU, click here to book a free New Client Consultation.

Personal Training

Personal training sessions with one of our expert coaches are tailored specifically for you based on your unique goals. Single sessions, monthly packages and hybrid (personal training + group classes) packages are available. 

A good personal trainer is a coach, cheerleader, kinesiologist, physicist, and fan who helps you build good habits you’ll keep for life. 

Our coaches have helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals. Our personal trainers even coach and train each other. Everyone needs a great coach!

The Benefits of 1:1 Training

  • Individualized Program designed around your specific goals.
  • 1:1 Focus and Attention with an expert coach.
  • Flexible Scheduling for any schedule.
  • Tangible Results physically and intangible results both mentally and emotionally.
  • Specialized Programming for a specific event (Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Sport Specific Cross-Training, etc.)

Your path to success starts with a New Client Consultation:

We’ll take a tour of the fitness center and chat to discover:

  • Your short and long term goals.
  • Your bright spots (what you already doing right).
  • The best path to your specific goals.

Click here to schedule your New Client Consultation.

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